The cargo trunk is an essential part of a pickup truck. However, its open design often hinders its cargo handling capability, exposing the cargo to harsh weather elements.

Tonneau covers offer an all-time solution to the challenge of cargo exposure. In addition, they offer massive benefits to car owners, regardless of vehicle model.

Here are the top 5 reasons to buy a folding tonneau cover and essential considerations for finding the perfect choice.

Protect and Secure the Cargo

A folding tonneau hard cover is an essential safety accessory. It forms a tight seal, protecting cargo from sunlight, rain, hail, and dust when traveling. Some folding covers also have a lockable tailgate to prevent unauthorized access to the cargo.

Get Extra Storage Space

Tonneau covers can help you maximize space to carry essential items when traveling. Instead of stuffing items inside the cabin, you can invest in folding tonneau covers to seal the cargo trunk for more space. No matter the weather conditions, you can drive safely without worrying about damage to the items.

Protect the Cargo Trunk

A folding tonneau doesn’t just cover the cargo but also protects the cargo trunk. It seals the trunk surface and lining against adverse weather elements, like rain and intense UV radiation from the sun. In the long run, it boosts the longevity of the trunk, saving you from costly revamping.

Improve the Car’s Resale Value

Investing in a folding tonneau hard cover is one of the best ways to increase a truck’s resale value. However, the cover should be in top shape and well-maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to yield a higher resale value.

Improve Gas Mileage

Tonneau covers can dramatically reduce fuel consumption and improve gas mileage, especially when driving on highways. They form a smooth surface over the cargo trunk, reducing air resistance when driving. In turn, a streamlined aerodynamic effect increases gas mileage.

Essential Considerations When Buying Folding Tonneau Covers

Folding covers come in varying color options and design profiles. With many products available, finding the perfect fit may be challenging. The following factors will help you find an excellent folding tonneau cover:

Weather Conditions

Folding covers are made of different materials, including hard plastic, fiberglass, fabric, and vinyl. The prevailing weather within your locality will determine the type of folding tonneau cover hard to buy. If you live in extreme weather conditions, you require a material that will withstand the harsh outdoor weather.

Security Level

Cargo security is an essential factor when selecting tonneau covers. Generally, hard-material covers provide better cargo safety than soft materials. So, if you haul valuable items, you’ll no doubt require a hardcover. The cover should also have a lockable tailgate for safety when parking the truck.

Ease of Use

A good cover should be user-friendly to avoid inconvenience. It should be easy to install and remove, depending on its purpose. For example, if you’re involved in commercial cargo transport, you need a cover you can conveniently remove when loading and unloading the cargo.